Can’t Wait till Summer

Spring Is almost gone

Spring Is almost gone which means summer’s coming up.Which also means letting loose.Summer is when we all go wild celebrate for no reason and just have fun.But not too much fun πŸ˜‰ . So I thought I’d post about it.Something you could wear in summer and all the trends.So first since your planning on having fun.Summer you usually wear clothes that have a breeze threw that are not too tight something you can run around in.Summer also has big hats not thick nitted ones but the big ones you wear at the beach. You can also wear for the bottom something not fitted.Like I said before your going to let loose with everything with your life starting from your clothes.Next shoes wear tennis shoes or sandals something you can easily get in and out of. Because when summer comes I’m going bare foot and running in the grass.Next make up with make go for a dark red lip color.A smokey eye and bright blush and go for pale skin (don’t put foundation) pale skin goes nice with red lips and your going to want a tan πŸ™‚ !So other than that remember have fun let loose shop in the man’s section wear oversized clothes and remember life’s too short too worry have fun but not too much fun πŸ™‚ ! PEACE!


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